Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To Watch the Cazoodle Interview: CLICK HERE

Cazoodle was established in August 2006, as a startup company from the University of Illinois (UIUC). The goal of the company is to make web-search broader and deeper, by accessing data beyond the reach of current search engines. The company was co-founded by Prof. Kevin C. Chang and it is supported by the University of Illinois with transfer of technology from the MetaQuerier projects.

The company’s mission is to help users make their decisions more efficiently such as when they're looking for apartments for rent, or deciding on which products to buy. In such situations, users often end up spending hours and hours checking on possibilities spread across dozens of websites. Cazoodle’s search engines aggregate information from thousands of online sources, creating a one stop-destination for users to quickly navigate through all their possible choices.

Kerris Lee is a great ambassador for Cazoodle and shares his passion for the technology while telling the story of a young start up company that just may soon be a household word to all of us!

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