Thursday, February 25, 2010

New episode of One on One with Alex Ruggieri featuring Shawn Mallady

New episode of One on One with Alex Ruggieri featuring Shawn Mallady of Chittick Family Eye Care. Dr. mallady is a class act. This guy is not only a Dr. and eyecare specialist but is also one of the most dynamic entrprenures that I know. He started right out of school with ownership in mind by purchasing a practice from a retiring physician. But it didn't stop there. He continued growing his company by adding other physician partners and by acquiring additional practices. It wasn't always easy. He came to work one day to discover that his building was on fire! I think you will enjoy the story and his personal philosophy of NO BAD DAYS even in the face of watching your entire livelihood going up in flames. Go ahead and click the link to see his story. You won't regret it! Click here to watch!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Obama unveiled several proposals this week aimed at helping small business owners. The proposals will expand two critical Small Business Administration (SBA) lending programs, one of which could help some in the commercial real estate industry.

One of the new SBA initiatives will temporarily allow for the refinancing of owner-occupied properties under the SBA 504 program, which provides guarantees on loans for the development of real estate and other fixed assets but could not be used to refinance maturing debt up until this point. Under the new initiative, businesses with a loan maturing in the next year, and who are current on their loan payments, will be able to refinance up to 70 percent of the current property value, with the SBA helping with the remainder. For less established lenders, the SBA will take on up to 40 percent of the property's value for the refinancing.

The program will be funded through additional fees for refinancing projects instead of through a Congressional appropriation. The refinancing proposal will help refinance up to $18.7 billion a year in commercial real estate that would otherwise be foreclosed on or liquidated.

In a statement, SBA Administrator Karen Mills said, "Thousands of good, creditworthy businesses find themselves caught by declining real estate values as a result of the recession. With many of them now facing mortgages coming due in the next few years, the ability to refinance into SBA's 504 loan will give them the chance to lock in long-term, stable financing, as well as protect jobs by protecting small businesses from foreclosure."

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Episode of One on One with Alex Ruggieri featuring David Hodge

When I first met David I had invited him to come on my radio show Central Illinois Business to talk about his recent acquisition of Porter Athletic. It was then that I got the opportunity to learn about him and his personal story. I was particularly impressed with his sincerity, his humility and his disarming charm. He started working for Gill Sports in accounting at a very tumultuous time. The company was struggling and even though Gill had a long and storied history in the industry, during that period, it looked like the entire enterprise might not even make it. One day the owner (Vince Atkins) called him into his office. David was sure he would be fired but that's not what happened. Instead Vince made David the president of the company! And he also made him a promise. He told him that if he would do all in his power to make the company work, to turn things around successfully, then at the end of ten years he would sell the company to him. Well it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Those ten years were sometimes harrowing and difficult but this quiet unassuming man exercised all his faculties and his faith and did turn the company around. Today David Hodge with his holding group Litiana Sports, Inc. is a major force in the industry and a significant employer in our community. Take the time to watch his interview I promise if nothing else it will leave you inspired! Watch Now!!