Monday, September 28, 2009

We are getting ready to start the TV show on channel 3 WCIA

We are getting ready to start the TV show on channel 3 WCIA. So far I have recorded three interviews. Dr. Rick Workman, Keith Summers and Mike Yager. Dr. Workman began his career as a dentist in Effingham, but has built an amazing business based on very fundemental principals of helping new dentists get started in business. He currently has over 320 dentists in his organization and has over 250 dental offices through out the country. His interview will be aired on Oct 4th at 10:00a on channel 3 of course. Watch it! He is an exceptional businessman. You will get a lot out of that show. Mike Yager began his business when as a young man he borrowed $500.00 to purchase some patches and T-shirts which he had planned to sell at a Corvette car show. The rest as they say is history. Today Mike is the largest supplier of Corvette and Volkswagon accessories and supplies. He employs a couple of hundred people and just opened his first office in China. I really enjoy Mike's contagious attitude. He really lights up a room with his smile. The thing is this guy is for real. Its not hype. He carries his passion with him and he loves his business as much as he loves life! I get a kick out of that. My interview with Keith Summers was special because he didn't want to tell his story as much as he wanted to tell the story of his parents KC and Pauline Summers. Watch it! You will enjoy the history told inherent in the story of an American family and their ties to America's auto industry. I have a lot of really good stuff coming up with interviews by very interesting entrepreneurs, inovators, inventors and the like. I learn form them all and I will share anything that I learn from them with you!

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