Friday, September 25, 2009

Communications Media Style

This is Alex Ruggieri. As some of you know I do a radio show on entrepreneurship on WDWS Newstalk 1400 AM. The show normally airs on Saturdays at 11:00a and then is repeated on Sunday at 12:00a. Sometimes they move my show around to accommodate football but generally that's when you will find it on the dial. Any way I thought that it might be fun to blog a little about the folks that I have on the show form time to time. This week I have two interesting guests. The first is a gentleman by the name of Leon Odendaal. He is from South Africa. He wanted to move his family to America and found that if you purchased a business in the states it is way easier to immigrate than to put ones hat in the ring to win the green card lottery. Anyway I think that you will enjoy his story. It says a lot about how America is viewed in the world by real people and I think it is very complimentary to our community that he and his family chose to locate here. The company he purchased is PDQ printing on North Lincoln Ave. I also interviewed Ron Bailey. Ron has been a friend of mine since the old days when I attended BNI. He is just a great individual and runs a very solid business called the Blossom Basket. He has two locations. The original store on Vine in Urbana and the new retail store located at Robeson Crossing in Champaign. I think you will get a lot out of the interviews from both of these exceptional people. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed the interviews. Also we are starting a new TV show on business leadership on Channel 3 More to come....

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