Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Second Annual Innovators Improv at Krannert Center

Last Thursday I was priveledged to be invited to the second annual INNOVATOR"S IMPROV held at Krannert Center at the University of Illinois. The event was sponsored by the Academy of Entrepreneurship from the School of Business. Dr. John Clarke is the Director. It was quite the event. The idea was to have a open forum where people can share their thoughts about business ideas, strategies and synergies. Dr. Clarke had sevral planned speakers of which I was pleased to me one but more importantly the stage was open to the students and others to speak extenporaneously. I feel that we have a vast anount of brain power in the minds of those students. Some of the ideas seemed very poerful and some silly, but the point was that people were talking. How many businesses today sounded completely rediculous to us all just a few years ago. Think E-Bay or!! I want to applaude Dr. John Clarke and his group for all their great work!

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