Saturday, September 8, 2012

It is Easy Being Green!

Steven Rosenberg is the Founder of Green Purpose LLC

Steven is the Founder of a unique company called Green Purpose.
"Green Purpose is an eco-minded enterprise that provides communities with innovative solutions for reducing landfill waste. The company operates on a membership business model, in which residents of Champaign County and surrounding areas can pay a nominal monthly fee to utilize their recycling services. Green Purpose is different from most traditional recycling centers; they offer the community a convenient one-stop location for dropping off both recyclable AND reusable items. With research and an attention to each customer's needs, they are developing new solutions for a world in constant change.

Green Purpose also provides B2B services for industrial clients interested in striving for zero waste.  They offer advanced solutions for assessing, designing, and implementing state of the art recycling programs for reducing expenses and landfill waste. The company’s programs and services are aimed at creating long-term, practical solutions to our community’s growing waste problem. Their experience includes working with many different industries, ranging from advertising to retail. They help their clients to develop appropriate infrastructure and procedures, while exploring the full range of appropriate options and strategies for maximizing waste reduction."

To watch the entire TV interview with Steven Rosenberg CLICK HERE!

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