Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rental Property Rules Get Clarification

Governor signs SB3405 into law

I am happy to report that SB3406 has been signed by the Governor and is now the law.  The bill was an initiative of IRPOA and adds language to both the sanitation and building codes that requires the following also be included in a violation notice.

a citation to the specific code provision
or provisions alleged to have been violated, a description of
the circumstances present that constitute the alleged

IRPOA proposed this change in the law because we had  reports  our members were receiving violation notices that were not specific and so were difficult to comply with.  The notices would include general statements like "Porch in Disrepair"  or "Plumbing not to Code".  Those types of notices seemed  more common when inspections are done in response to tenant conduct.   Also, many of our member groups operate under regulations that include annual inspections.  Those ordinances apply multiple code standards to rental properties.  It is very difficult to know where to look up a code when the city can impose regulations from nine different code books.   

With this change, you should now be able to reference a code book and read the code that is in violation.  You should also receive a description of what is wrong on your property so you know exactly what action to take to correct the violation.  We believe this will make dealing with code enforcement much easier.

State Senator Dave Syverson sponsored this bill in the Senate.  Representative Chapin Rose was our primary house sponsor and Representative Sidney Mathias was a house co-sponsor.  If you live in, or own property in, these legislators districts, please contact them and thank them for their support.  

To read the text of SB3406, now Public Act 097-1088 CLICK HERE

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