Saturday, November 21, 2009

CCIM Black Diamond Annual Awards Dinner

On Friday November 20th I had the privilege of attending the CCIM annual Black Diamond awards dinner held in Chicago at the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) on South Wacker Drive. The event had an amazing venue at the Metropolitan Club on the 67th floor. Somehow the weather cooperated for a change and the clouds disappeared to reveal beautiful sunshine for my drive to Chicago. When I got to the 67th floor I could hardly believe my eyes! Breathtaking (in this case) is not a cliche. One could see for at least ten or twenty miles! The city lights laid out like electric jewels twinkling against the darkness of the crisp cold fall night. What really made the event special for me was the people who were attending. Lloyd Berry from Colliers had graciously invited me to share a seat at his table. He is an extraordinary professional and human being and I always enjoy being around him. I was seated next to Polly Parchem (Winner's Edge) and her erudite husband on one side and Thomas Bothen (UIC) and his lovely wife on the other. One might think that this would be a rather stuffy affair but such was not the case. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and hours passed like minutes. Of course it wasn't all just a party. There was some necessary business which required our attention including the awards. There was also a summary of the past year by out going chapter president John Joyce of Epic Realty Partners. He spoke humbly but with a measure of accomplishment for his time in office. The incoming president will be Michael Lunn (ReMax) who also spoke to the group. He promised to continue the legacy established by the past presidents. I have been asked to chair the Candidates committee for 2010. This was an amazing group. I could not be more impressed with their professionalism, their standing in their respective market niches and their genuine warmth as people. Being a country boy from a smaller market I was a little intimidated to go to the big city and meet all the "Chicago" people but I couldn't have had a more pleasant experience. I was not only made to feel right at home but instantly felt I was among friends. We have a fantastic CCIM Chapter!

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