Thursday, November 19, 2009

California Here I Come!

I recently spent four days in Palm Springs California at a national exchange meeting. It was a fantastic experience. I stayed in a hotel which had received the benefit of over 90MM in renovation costs. It was all done in a retro style with the intent to emulate the fifties or sixties. It was impressive. Most of the people that were there were professional investors, developers, principals and brokers from all over the country. In these trying times in the economy these are the folks that are still making things work and getting deals done. People often ask why I spend the time, money and resources to get myself to these events when it seems that they occur in so many disparate parts of the country. There are a host of reasons. The first relates to what I said earlier. The people that attend these events are the real deal. They are the folks that have the cash, have the property or have the expertise to make transactions occur that might otherwise never happen. They also happen to be of the highest integrity of anyone you will meet in the industry. The second is that I want to do all I can to help my clients with their real estate goals. I can't do that sitting at home at my desk waiting for someone to call on a sign. Especially in today's market! I feel strongly that getting out around the country and talking up their property in front of serious players is a big advantage to my clients and that is something very few brokers are capable or willing to do. Whether its IREX, KREE, NEC or SEC I try my best to be there for my clients!

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