Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prairie Spark Investment Forum

Recently I had the privilege of attending a special presentation by entrepreneurs of their business plans to a group of qualified investors. This was at the third annual Investment Forum Sponsored by Prairie Spark and Eastern Illinois University held at Sara Bush Lincoln in Charleston. I must say I was impressed. Not only with the people and the companies that were presenting but with the whole event. Here was a meeting of both business people with their ideas for start ups but also investors who could write checks if they decided to do so! There was also a group of high school students who were allowed to attend the event because of a special program they are enrolled in through their High School in Effingham. So here I was like a fly on the wall watching entrepreneurs make a case for investment in their businesses, investors diligently studying each presentation and students from high scholl drinking it all in! I was blown away! Would that every community could have such synergy between the business comunity, the educators and the banking and investment folks. I think that the are doing realy great things down in Effingham, Matoon and Charleston. Maybe there is something in the water. If so I want to drink the kool-aid! If you would like to learn more click

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