Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Media Mogul Sees a Bright Future for Industry

Mark Scifres is Chairman, CEO and President of Pavlov Media, which he started while working on his engineering degree at the University of Illinois in Champaign.  Mark comes from a family with a strong engineering background.  
While at the U of I, Mark had an idea that off-campus and private certified housing could be networked together.  These were the early days of data—Netscape didn’t even exist.  Mark’s vision was a network that provided data throughout the off-campus housing area.  That project was right in line with Mark’s engineering studies.  Long story short, Mark designed a network, built it and things took off from there!
That was more than 17 years ago and Pavlov Media has grown into a multi-million dollar operation, providing television, broadband and telephone services in more than 140 markets in 34 states.
The company has grown to more than 90 employees and has deployed network facilities to more than 70,000 registered users.  Along the way, Pavlov Media has acquired Wavelength Broadband—a major player in the emerging broadband industry—and made other acquisitions, as well.
In addition, Mark is a patent holder on specialized network processes.  
As part of Mark’s work as CEO, he led the construction and deployment of a network that provides television, broadband and other services to tens of thousands of apartments, hotels and other MDU’s (Multi-Dwelling Units).  He also led the wireless mesh deployments in Champaign, Illinois and New York City, which includes the free downtown wireless project in Champaign.
Under Mark’s leadership, Pavlov Media has become an industry leader in serving MDU’s and private cable operators.  To watch the entire TV interview with Mark Scifries CLICK HERE.

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