Monday, May 21, 2012

A Developer With a History!

The developer in question is Michael Markstahler.  Michael's great great great grandparents arrived in Champaign County in 1854 settling in Sidney.  His great great great grandparents moved to Champaign in 1880.  John William Adams was a masonry contractor and built several of downtown Champaign's commerical buildings. 

Michael has been a student of history all of his life.  He has written several articles on early Champaign history.  He has served four terms as the chair of the Champaign Plan Commission, was chair of the Champaign Human Relations Commission, served on the Champaign Affordable Housing Task Force, Champaign's Committee on Homelessness and the Downtown Comprehensive Plan Committee.  Most recently he served on the History Committee for Champaign's 150th celebration. 

Michael is a local re-developer having purchased and renovated forty homes in Champaign's oldest neighborhood as well as three downtown commercial buildings.  He is also a designer, historic restorationist, custom re-modeler and landlord.  To see the entire interview with Michael Markstahler CLICK HERE

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