Monday, December 19, 2011

Housewife Turned Entrepreneur Now Runs Global Buisness Empire

Karen Wolters started her own business at a time in life when others might be thinking of slowing down. Not Karen! She invented and patented a kitchen tool which she manufactured in Taiwan and shipped around the world. In 1990—her group became the quality control department for The Pampered Chef for all product shipping out of Asia. Her company supplies quality products to Pampered Chef to this day.

As her company grew Karen explored other ventures including a magnetic induction technology for the modern kitchen and several other very successful ventures.

Karen is an avid supporter of encouraging entrepreneurship among youth. She was co-chair of the first CEO class in Effingham; an outstanding education program teaching entrepreneurship on a high school level. She believes the best part of success is being able to give back to your community which she does in so very many ways.

To view the entire TV interview with Karen Wolters CLICK HERE

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