Monday, October 24, 2011

A Passion for Life!

Kristie and Niall Campbell of the Firefly Grill in Effingham are two of the most dynamic people I know. Firefly Grill is a dream that became a journey. Billed as a modern roadhouse situated in America’s Heartland. Their approach to food is simple-source the best ingredients possible and stay out of the way. Besides getting rave reviews from customers across the country the restaurant has a special sense of place all its own.

The menu features seasonal fare including produce from local farmers, foragers and their own garden right out side the restaurant! A visit to the Firefly is more of an experience than just ordering a meal. Weather its a table on the deck a stroll past the koi pond or a show at the professional theatre across the way the Firefly offers so much more than just dinner.

While the Firefly is a dream come true it was a national nightmare that started Kristie Samuels on a path that would lead her away from Wall Street and to her roots in central Illinois. After the events of 9/11 Kristie (who was a young wiz at a Wallstreet type firm) decided to re-evaluate her life and focus on what was really important. After an extended vacation on a tropical island she rediscovered her passion for life. A chance meeting with a brash young chef, Niall Campbell changed her life forever.

Before long the two were planning a life together and a new adventure in the restaurant business. To make a long story short they came to central Illinois with the idea of opening a new restaurant dedicated to creating an atmosphere and a sense of place. Anyone who has been to Firefly Grill would agree they have succeeded!

To watch the TV interview with Niall and Kristie CLICK HERE

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