Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiesta Tea gets Launched!

Dan Klein, Bobby Moynehan and Patrick Tannous of Tiesta Tea are taking the tea industry by storm. Tiesta Tea strives to provide the highest quality custom blended teas in the world, all of which are scientifically formulated to provide a specific health or mood result. The idea for the company started during a study abroad trip to Prague. One night when wandering the streets of Prague, they stumbled upon a traditional Czech tea house and ordered a famous fruit tea called Granny's Garden and were impressed by its full flavor and taste. This experience helped them realized how important coffee and tea shops were to the fabric of European society. They asked why not the U.S? Inspired they returned home to found Tiesta Tea and today are striving to reinvent the world of tea, with style and taste. They first received recognition for their unique company when they enter the ILLINOIS LAUNCH competition at the University of Illinois's Academy of Entrepreneurship. After a successful introduction of their concept people started to get excited! They received recognition from successful business people who then in turn helped nurture the fledgling company. This was one of my most favorite interviews in recent memory. To watch the episode in its entirety CLICK HERE

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