Monday, October 18, 2010


· SVN Forges Strategic Alliance with GreenPoint Partners to Deliver Sustainability Solutions For Commercial Real Estate Owners and Users

IRVINE, CA – OCTOBER 14, 2010. Sperry Van Ness International has joined the GreenPoint Network, an alliance of real estate firms dedicated to helping clients achieve profitable sustainability. SVN Advisors in over 150 offices nationwide will receive training and resources to help clients identify energy initiatives that reduce operating expenses, increase building values, and capture financial incentives. GreenPoint’s engineers will perform energy audits and implement energy efficiency projects and solar installations.

“In the U.S., commercial buildings account for nearly 40 percent of total energy consumption and over two-thirds of electricity consumption,” said Sperry Van Ness CEO Kevin Maggiacomo. “And over the next decade, energy costs will likely be the fastest-growing component of building operating expenses. If a building consumes more energy than its peers, it will attract fewer tenants and trade at lower valuations. Through our partnership with GreenPoint, SVN Advisors can make an impact that not only increases a client’s bottom line, but is also good for the planet.”

Said GreenPoint CEO Dustin Gellman, “Energy efficiency and renewable energy are a real estate play. Green building retrofits impact cash flows, and real estate professionals can help property owners better understand the financial impact of energy initiatives on asset performance. We are delighted to work with Sperry Van Ness, an organization with a legacy of progressive thinking and innovation in the real estate industry.”

Sperry Van Ness Advisors will begin offering sustainability services beginning October 2010. The suite of services includes energy audits, competitive procurement, project management, incentives acquisition, and LEED certification. For more information, visit:

About Sperry Van Ness International

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