Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The SVN Difference

RealChoice™ BROKER Database

Database of approximately 60,000 brokers who receive weekly updates on all new Sperry Van Ness inventory. Each recipient has the option to look at new properties, or all inventory at Sperry Van Ness.

We Share Our Commissions 50/50 with Our Competitors

We don't just cooperate — we compensate equally. When other brokers say they cooperate, they often mean:
  • we cooperate once we decide we can't double end the deal on our own
  • we cooperate, but we ask the buy side broker to get their fee from the buyer
  • we cooperate but we take a larger share of the fee, and don't split it 50/50
  • Listing Link™

    Listing link gives you an option to send your listing out to multiple web portals instantly. Web portals include Loopnet, Property Line, CCIM, Globest, New Listing Email Marketing, What's different about listing link is that it not only exports your listing to all these portals — it UPDATES them weekly, so buyers and brokers know they can count on Sperry Van Ness listings to be current and accurate. Listings that sell are automatically removed from the portals.

    Property Line™

    Properties go out to Property Line a subscription based listing website.

    100+ Broker Forums & Online Investor Forums

    Broker Forums - We invite brokers to join us for an opportunity to view our listings. The listing agent shares with all brokers key information on the property and how to best sell it to their clients. They are also able to bring their inventory to share with us. Online Investor Forums — SVN investors can log on to a call in their region and hear about local and national real estate trends from an industry expert.

    Weekly National Meetings

    Every Monday, we share our listings with everyone in the Sperry Van Ness organization via an audio/visual technology system. The listing agent describes the property and shares compelling reasons why a buyer would be interested. This means the more than 600 advisors nationwide have access to your listing and can work to sell it in their respective regions. Many brokerage firms don't even share their own listings within their offices.

    Accelerated Marketing Division

    Auctioned properties on average go from list to close in 90 days. If a property is a good fit for auction, this can mean closing the deal faster — and often for a premium price. Auctions are no longer for distressed properties. Properties that do well in auction include: hard to value properties (i.e. Miami Arena), properties that have wide appeal, and properties that must sell quickly. Sperry Van Ness is the only national brokerage firm that has a team of auction professionals who are commercial real estate brokers and specialize in the auction of commercial properties.

    Proprietary Online.Publisher™ Marketing Program

    Online Publisher gets your property out to the market faster than traditional marketing methods. Information can be changed in real time and dynamic information on pricing, return and income will change automatically. Online Publisher creates brochures, a personalized property website, one-page set up sheets, and transfers listing data to web portals to ensure maximum exposure on your property.

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